There is a new popular alternative to the commercial brands of pink Himalayan salt. The pink Himalayan salt from Walmart is sold in their Natural Foods section and is becoming more popular with consumers searching for natural, organic products. While the salt is gaining popularity, many are still concerned about the lack of trace minerals in this sea salt.

pink himalayan salt from walmart

Most of the table salt on the market today has trace elements that have been added during the process of processing. Some manufacturers will remove these trace minerals from the table salt. This makes their product a completely artificial product that lacks minerals found naturally in sea salt. The pink Himalayan salt from Walmart is not like this because they source their salt straight from the Himalayan Mountains.

It has been found that Himalayan pink salt contains a high concentration of calcium, potassium and sodium. On the other hand, unrefined sea salt has no trace minerals. Since pink salt is not processed, it retains the right mineral balance found in nature. This is the salt you find at the mountains. The table salts on the market today are not natural and have stripped away most of the beneficial minerals.

Another concern for those consumers looking to use Himalayan pink salt from Walmart is its sodium content. This sea salt is not regulated when it is used in cooking because it does not contain a preservative. This means it can have a very high level of sodium. However, there is no evidence that salt has any effect on blood pressure. There is also no proof that high levels of sodium can be harmful to developing children. Research indicates that high blood pressure can develop over time if there is a history of high blood pressure in the family.

One reason why pink salt from Walmart is not as good for your heart as alternative brands may be, is the process of harvesting the salt. Mountain springs are not harvested with the same methods that sea salt is harvested. Sea salt is harvested by boiling the water inside a mountain spring and then collecting the salty solution. Salt is filtered and then used to make table salt. Himalayan pink salt is harvested in a different way.

There are two methods used to purify salt. The first method is known as flash milling. The salt is placed in a small tank that spins at extremely high speeds. The pink salt from Walmart is placed in the same tank but is centrifuged instead. High pressure is used in order to separate the pink salt from the regular salt.

Although it sounds great, this pink salt from Walmart does not have nearly the health benefits as alternative products. Flash milling destroys all of the minerals and electrolytes in the salt, which makes it ineffective for use in cooking or for taking on a daily basis. Alternative products such as the rock salt created by Evian come only from natural caves and other places that have not been over mined. This pink salt from WalMart can have the same affects on your body as regular salt.

When you purchase pink Himalayan salt from Walmart, you will be investing in a product that is made from an expensive crystal that is known to be extremely healthy for our bodies. However, there is no scientific evidence that proves Himalayan pink salt from Walmart is better for you than alternative products that are purchased for the same price. Weigh the options between the two and make your decision based on what you believe will work best for your needs. No matter what kind of salt you purchase, you want it to be made with a premium grade mineral that you know to be healthy. That way, you will get your money’s worth.

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